View Full Version : Squeezeslave 1.1-253 & lcdproc 0.5.4

2011-06-14, 14:26
Hi all,
Dunno if Squeezeslave is still developed...anyway it seems to not work properly with lcdproc 0.5.4. The new version of lcdproc doesn't use number for priority when setting up the lcd screen....but instead "input", "alert", .....(see man LCDd).
The effect is that the screen is in background and don't take part to the screen rotates......

I modified the interactive.c file in the init_lcd(void) function. I replace the line

send_lcd("screen_set main -priority 256\n",30)
send_lcd("screen_set main -priority info\n",30)

Now it seems to work.

My config :
VB 1.9
Antec Fusion black (Soundgraph LCD (0038))
Squeezeslave on the same server than squezeserver

still got some pb with the IR and the remote. on it....

Hope it will help..


(sorry for my english)

2011-06-15, 03:37
Yes, I'm still maintaining squeezeslave.

Thanks for the update. I'll investigate how better to handle the lcdproc changes for a future release.

2011-06-15, 06:28
thanks for your work!

2011-11-20, 07:38
r308+ should now work with newer lcdproc versions.

I've updated -l/--lcd LCDd (lcdproc) to use Priorities keywords instead of values and added -C/--lcdc option to revert Priorities to use values for those still running lcdproc < 0.5.4.