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Nic Wardle
2004-09-27, 11:51
Greetings again
Having just ripped a compilation CD to MP3 and playing back via the Squeezebox I have noticed a very slight "gap" between tracks that is not there on the CD. Is there a way to alter this gap to become non-existent or is it just a technical caveat of streaming??

Also, I have been reading all the digests and was (a little!) upset that no-one had given me any feedback on my last query. :(
I know that us newbies may present some basic problems and questions to you, our learned friends, but does anyone have a thought on this one??


Sent on:Thu 23/09/2004 16:42

Hi all
Still enjoying a fantastic experience with my new squeezebox (haven't had the courage to upgrade to latest server/firmware as I am having NO major problems with current setup - I know I am missing out on the full potential of the graphic display but I'll wait just a bit longer!) My only difficulty is with itunes playlists containing Internet Radio stations. ShoutCAST can play all them fine, but if I drag and drop a station into a playlist in itunes then select it via the squeezbox - it says it is connecting, then nothing, returns to now playing screen!! I have found that the slimserver listing for this "playlist version" has the following entry:


I thought it was the double "http://" that was confusing matters so edited the URL in itunes so that it didn't have a "http://" in front of the ip address. Of course this meant that itunes can't now play that station, checking the entry in the slimserver I now see this:


BUT it still won't play on the squeezebox.

So, should slimserver be adding the extra http:// entry in front of an existing one, or am I doing something else wrong?

I can still use ShoutCAST, no problem, but the ability to put my own radio stations in playlist I feel speeds up the process of locating my favourite stations!

Any help appreciated.
BTW I am a digester, so replies will be delayed, thanks



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