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2004-09-27, 06:43
Until you really understand or get it working, it is a little

The computer running slimserver is a server (no kidding, right?).
All you need to run on that machine is slimserver. That's all,
nothing else.

Then you've got clients. Two choices - "official" and softsqueeze.

With official (my words, not anyone elses), you need winamp or
some other software program capable of receiving audio streams,
and a browser to control what you hear. I used to use this with
great success. You need winamp to control the volume, that's all,
nothing else. You need the browser to control what you hear
and the order it is heard in (playlists, ff/rw, etc.).

With softsqueeze, you need softsqueeze. You don't need anything
else. A browser pointed to the slimserver certainly helps, because
building playlists with softsqueeze is as painful (IMHO) as on the
real deal. And not that softsqueeze isn't any better or worse than
the "official" way - I suspect the guys at slim rather like softsqueeze

because it's included in the distribution of slimserver. Or you can
the latest from http://softsqueeze.sf.net.

I helped another couple folks over the weekend local to me set this
up and they can all hear separate streams. I think that is the key -
slimserver just makes the library of music available, it doesn't push
anything. The clients see the music and pull all the content they
want - separate from each other. Unless you syncronize them
(of course).


>>> storemike (AT) yahoo (DOT) com 9/27/2004 8:53:08 AM >>>

I'm checking out the SlimServer (it's cool!) and am thinking about
a player, too, but have a question: Right now, when I connect with
(or Windows Media Player), I have to go the the server and manually
the stream for that particular computer. Will it be the same for when
have a Slim Player set up? Or did I just miss something in the


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