View Full Version : Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive

2011-06-06, 05:39
I just purchased one of these Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drives, Cloud Edition.

Can someone please advise how to set the drive up, so that it will work with my Squeezeboxes?....assuming it is possible, of course.

I'm a bit confused how to do so.


2011-06-06, 08:07
How do you want it to work? For example, you could try to install Squeezebox Server on it, so that you could it as your server instead of your pc. Or, you could just keep your music library on the NAS, run SBS on a pc, and have the pc access the library on the NAS.

The latter example is easier to accomplish than the former. Depending on the specific network drive, you may or may not be able to install SBS on it.

2011-06-06, 12:03
The latter is my preference. I can access the drive through via the software that came with the drive...How do I run SBS on my mac, and get it to access the NAS?


2011-06-06, 12:25
Is there a good reason for keeping the music on the NAS instead of just putting it on the Mac, either using an internal or external drive? IMO, it just complicates playing music on a Squeezebox by putting an extra network connection and an additional hardware device into the mix. It will also be slower to scan the music library, as it will need to be done across the network.

2011-06-06, 12:45
The original thought was to be able to access my music when the computer is off, or asleep. Also, the Iomega Cloud Edition NAS, allows me to access my media from anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection.

The fact that it is more complicated, and slower, is a major deterrent though.

2011-06-06, 14:38
The original thought was to be able to access my music when the computer is off, or asleep.

You could access it from a computer, but without Squeezebox Server you wouldn't be able to play the music through a Squeezebox.