View Full Version : Slacker issue: You have logged in on another device, press PLAY to restart.

2011-06-05, 12:05
I've upgraded to Slacker premium and every once in a while I got the error "You have logged in on another device, press PLAY to restart." Please Play button or Forward does not correct the issue. And I'm sure there are no other devices (i.e. iPhone / iPad / Computer) playing.

Also the station does not play when clicking the "Play Artist Station" after Artist search.

I don't have this issue at all when streaming Pandora or Last.fm. Anybody else has the issue on Slacker?

I've upgraded to SBS Version: 7.6.0 - r32499 and have one Boom, 2 Radios and 1 Touch.


2011-06-05, 18:39
Running into the exact same issue..

2012-02-12, 15:18

So we've established that contrary to the error message, pressing PLAY doesn't do a dang thing. And I don't have a second Slacker Device so the error is wrong anyway. This might be a option:


What I'm doing now to wait 5-10 minutes and try again, not a great solution.

2012-02-13, 07:20
I can't say that I've ever had this problem, unless I start listening to Slacker on my phone or a computer at the same time as I run it on the Squeezebox. And when it does happen, I stop playing on the phone or PC, press Play on my Squeezebox, and the music continues.

Also, two different Squeezeboxes = two different devices unless they're synchronized. So you can't play two different Slacker stations on two different Squeezeboxes using the same Slacker account.