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2011-06-05, 04:27
I don't want to turn on my PC every time I want to listen my music on SBBoom.

Is it possible to play music which is loaded on Android phone (files are stored on phone's SD card :)) directly (via WIFI) to Squeezebox Boom device? What is the procedure (SW, setup) to do so?

Best regards and thank you for your answers.

2011-06-05, 04:52
No, you can't send the audio via wifi from your phone to the Boom. Your phone can't send the data using the protocol (slimproto) that the Boom understands/requires. You could do it the old-fashioned way, and use a patch cord to connect the phone's headphone jack to the Boom's line-in jack, though obviously that limits where you can take the phone.

EDIT: I looked into it a little further and it seems the answer isn't really a categorical no. But the answer is the same as when you asked the same question a few months ago: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?p=602897

2011-06-05, 05:07
I know it is not a categorical no and yes I asked the same question few months ago, which in "technology age" means years ago. I tought that in the meantime someone did something in this direction. It sure would be a great App.

Best regards

2011-06-05, 05:32
If want something now but I think it is a complicated solution (which needs a local SBS server) would be to get Airplay on your phone from DoubleTwist http://www.doubletwist.com/ and install the Airplay for SBS see http://blog.stuart.shelton.me/archives/762

2011-06-09, 06:04
How about a bluetooth receiver plugged into the line-in of the Boom?