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2004-09-26, 17:35
Looks great! Good work.

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Rear panel schematic completed, for those interested in making there own.


On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 21:09:05 -0700, jason bigham <jasonbigham (AT) gmail (DOT) com>
> Here's a sneak peak at the next revision of my custom case (and my
> entry for the software/hardware plugins contest). Been at it for
> several hours now, time to eat:
> http://www.geekmods.com/slimp3/g2/
> Still to do:
> -Borrow power (hopefully) off the unit for the blue LED. If not, I'll
> figure something out
> -Test and implement a longer ribbon between the VFD and the CPU
> -Create a new back panel for the audio out/power/etc. Mount CPU to
> rear panel
> -Whatever else comes to mind before labor day weekend
> -Post the schematics for the front/rear panels
> -Finish work and final assembly, and maybe soem actual words to go
> with the pictures
> Sean and the crew, this new display is the missing link for me. I can
> finally read it from across the room. Many thanks for getting us a
> graphical display!