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Neil Davidson
2004-09-26, 14:36
Very impressed that you managed to do this. I'm quite surprised that the
Linkstation has the memory and horse power to run the slimserver, but it is
definitely good news :)

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I'm happy to say that I finally got the Slimserver software up
and running on my Buffalo Linkstation network access server (NAS)
box. This device (http://www.buffalotech.com/) is simply a small,
low-power, plug-n-play box that gives you Hard Drive space on
your home network. I purchased the 120G version for about $200.00
a while ago (I think they're cheaper now), in order to hold all
of our MP3 files, and have them accessable by all the computers
on my home network at all times.

Since the device runs linux (www.montavista.co.jp), I figured
it should run the slimserver software as well. This way I only
needed the squeezebox and the linkstation powered up for music
to be played in the house. I also wanted a bigger hard drive
in it, so I decided to hack the device and see what could be done.

There are no english sites that talk about hacking this box, but
a bunch of really nice folks in Japan have a bunch of non-english
web pages describing hacks that they've performed. I stumbled
through these pages trying to figure out things, then ended up
sending email to a few of them. They were very helpful, and I
eventually was able to remove the original 120G drive and replace
it with a 300G Maxtor drive. The unit is a bit louder now, but
its not too annoying.

While setting up the new drive, I fixed things to allow ftp and
telnet to the box, and added some rpm's for additional software
that I needed to get slimserver up and running.

Once the box was back in service with the 300G drive, I was able
to pretty easily download and install the slimserver software, and
am very happy with the results.

I was wondering if anyone else has played with a setup similar
to this, and what their experiences are.

Also, thanks to all involved with the squeezebox, and slimserver
software. They are great products!