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2011-05-27, 16:42
Here in Australia we are poorly served for music streaming services (Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, Napster, and now Last.fm are all unavailable). Sonos has just partnered with Sony to make a service called Anubis FM (http://anubisfm.com/) available in Australia (story here (http://www.current.com.au/2011/02/24/article/Sonos-and-Sony-bring-Anubis-fm-to-the-ZonePlayer/WCDYXNYKTI.html)). I don't know much about Anubis yet (being a Squeezebox rather than a Sonos owner!), but would be interested to know whether there's any chance that a Squeezebox could stream Anubis content.

2011-06-04, 20:25
Should I take that as a "no"?

2011-09-15, 14:01
Now that Rhapsody has started IP address filtering in Australia, I'd be very interested in whether there are *any* music streaming services available in Australia that would work on the SB