View Full Version : SB Server security

2011-05-27, 06:10
Hi folks,
Has anybody out there had any issues after applying a username/password in SB server settings? When I did this, I could no longer access Squeezecentre via web remote access, nor connect to the server using Squeezecommander. In fact the only way I could play music at all was with the ir remotes.

I eventually uninstalled and reinstalled the server and everything is fine again ( but with no security applied )

I have recently ( with a lot of help from Simco and others on these forums) set up my system to stream remotely over 3G to my android phone, and whilst that is working fine, I don't want to use that function without having set up security on the SB server.

I'm guessing it's got something to do with the Windows 7 firewall, although I did try disabling it temporarily to no avail.

Any help, or pointers to as yet unfound relevant threads appreciated,