View Full Version : Easy way of Having Music on several Disks

2011-05-24, 03:37
Hi all

Having looked at the excellent Multi-Library plugin I still found this a bit "Overkill" and it does need the music to be tagged whereas I have a LOT of FLAC music not all of it tagged.

So I want to browse the Folders as per "Windows explorer".

So the EASY way (Windows) is simply in the main music folder is to create "Shortcuts" to the other folders on different (including Networked) drives

For instance I might have my main Library on Disk H:\Audio

Now I might have a collection of BACH keyboard works on Disk E in E\MUSIC\BACH_KEYBOARD

so in the primary library (Disk H\Audio) just create a shortcut to E:\MUSIC\BACH_KEYBOARD. Do this in Windows explorer by selecting the Disk where the main library is defined. (H:\Audio)
Now Choose FILE==>NEW>Shortcut

Point the short cut to your music folder on the other Disk (E)

Now when you browse your music folder with your squeeze controller you will see an entry for BACH_KEYBOARD. When you select that it will give you the listing of the music in the folder on DISK E.

Bit of a work around but its simple.

On Linux you can do the same - just create SYMLINKS