View Full Version : Open the Case of a Controller ?

2011-05-21, 21:32
Sorry for the additional post - No responses in the Duet forum.

I have a Controller with a dim screen -

I also picked up an LCD unit for a Controller - How do I open the case on the Controller to replace the LCD w/out tearing the whole thing up?


2011-05-26, 01:33
undo the srews in the battery compartment and then run your fingernails round the case where the two halfs meet, the plastic things that hold them together will open then. it does need a little bit of force though.
Inside you have to undo the riser board to get to the screws for the display.
Where did you get the replacment screen by the way?

P.S. I have a few cases spare if you break anything...

2011-05-26, 17:24
Got screens from seller on eBay - They had one left, last time I checked.

It does indeed open as you say -Thank you. Both screens went right in and look great - Orig screens were so dim as to be unreadable.

I would be interested in a case or two - Pls email me at whd1675@comcast.net.

Thanks again.

2011-05-27, 05:42
Does anyone know if the Controller screen is the same as the Radio?
I have a broken controller (screen is ok) and thought it would be worth hanging onto if anything happened with my radios.