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2011-05-20, 18:15
I have albums repeating 2/3 times and songs 1-4 on one, 5-6 on another and the rest on another. That and some straight full repeats. I have deleted rescanned to some avail, all the music on my pc is in one place, not duplicated. Any ideas?

2011-05-20, 19:52
To add, all attempts to clear and rescan are terminated.

2011-05-20, 21:12
What kind of system is your SBS installed on and what is your SBS version? There have been many reports of the music scanner being broken in 7.5.4 on Windows Home Server.

See this thread over in the Squeezebox Server section of the forum;

2011-05-21, 00:24
>Any ideas?<

Multiple tag sets in the files most likely. mp3tag is the only tool which reliably deletes different generations of tags IMHO

2011-05-24, 10:07
make sure all the files for one album are in one folder.
make sure you only have one tag type per file.
make sure the album, albumartist tags of differing tracks match exactly.
try deleting any disc or discnumber tags.
look for trailing spaces.
use mp3tag.

and of course, do a full clear and rescan after the above.