View Full Version : Bad File Descriptor?

2011-05-20, 00:41

I'm constantly getting the message

[11-05-20 09:11:22.9507] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_error (471) Unable to login to SN: Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor

in the log when trying to connect to Napster.

When switching to the plugin page I see

Falsches Repository http://www.mysqueezebox.com/public/plugins/logitech.xml - Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor

Falsches Repository http://www.mysqueezebox.com/public/plugins/other.xml - Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor

Falsches Repository http://www.mysqueezebox.com/public/plugins/repository.xml - Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor


are both down, too. I mean, what the h*ll Logitech?

Anybody else experiencing this problem? I'm on 7.5.4, Windows XP.

Thanks and have a nice weekend :-)

Edit: Just tried again and mysqueezebox.com seems to be available again. But it's on and off. One song on Napster plays fine and then there's a timeout with the next. Trying to connect to mysqueezebox.com works and then again it doesn't...

2011-05-20, 01:43
Napster working fine here in US. Are you in EU?

SqueezeNetwork is now MySqueezeBox, they are one in the same.

2011-05-20, 02:20
Yes, Germany. I've been able to listen to 10 tracks in a row until the connection broke off again. I guess the server isn't too stable today. Anyway, "bad file descriptor" isn't the most self-explicating error message I've seen in my life...

2011-05-31, 10:20
I got something similar with Spotify :/