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Simon Turner
2004-09-25, 01:32
As long as you have a player connected and an playlist visible in
SlimServer's right hand frame then the volume control is visible near the
top right hand side of the playlist frame (right frame). The numbers go
from 1 to 11. Click on one of them to set the volume. Note: No.11 is only to
be used when listening to heavy metal.

I imagine the reason you may have missed it 'cos it does not show unless a
player is currently connected.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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Isn't there a volume control in SlimServer, & if so, where?

I downloaded & tried to figure out SoftSqueeze, but have set it aside for
the time being, & just use WinAmp.
However, when I have had SoftSqueeze open, sometimes a volume control
would be visible in the Slim window!
First time I'd seen it. And the first time I saw that the default volume
seems set at MINIMUM, which explains a lot.
(Dear Slim programmers, please set the default at high!)

So, is there a vol. control in Slim, or does one have to have SoftSqueeze