View Full Version : Logitech squeezebox controller app - HOW ?

2011-05-17, 14:05
Hope some of you wizards can help me,
I have a duet which I love - sorted with this.
I have recently bought a cheap chines 7" tablet (android 2.1) and am trying to obtain and install the logitech app.
Problem is I can't find a way to download it to my pc (to copy to mini flash card and install off that),
I can get to the Android Market on the tablet after fighting the crappy on-screen keyboarD - BUT IT WON'T ALLOW ME TO DOWNLOAD THE APP AS IT SAYS THERE IS NO ACCOUNT ASSOCIATED WITH "THIS PHONE"
It isn't a phone of course but a tablet.
I have also tried to get a third party app (squeezeox commander, but have the same problem.
I have done some fairly extensive googling but so far no luck.
ANY help would be greatly appreciated
Best regards

2011-05-20, 09:46
What brand "cheap chinese tablet"? Tablets aren't well supported in the Market and you will need to find a work-around so yours has access to the proper apps. I'm new to this Market junk myself and it's still confusing. I have an Archos tablet and I'd be SOL if there wasn't an Archos forum to turn to for help. For the Archos there are a couple tricks to get into the Google Market or Android Market, including an app in the Archos-supported "Appslib" that installs the Google market + some more/less standard useful apps. For reasons I don't understand Google doesn't like these work-arounds to access their apps.

I also find the "phone" device description irritating but I suppose that will change as more tablets are bought and more are rooted to enable use with unsupported software.