View Full Version : How do you connect Squeezebox at Starbucks?

2011-05-16, 22:24
...where you need to Accept "Terms of Service". (see picture below) Couldn't demo my Squeezebox in public to a friend because of that limitation.

Big problem: other WiFi hotspots you can't connect your Squeezebox.

Hotel Lobbies
Hotel Rooms
City Parks
Eateries (Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread, Cosi, etc.)

2011-05-17, 00:46
It is not really possible without some hacking I understand. There has been threads on the topic before. Spooffing the mac of the squeezebox using a laptop may be a solution. Then use the laptop to click OK and then use the squeezebox again to listen to music. I don't know how to do this.

The other way people use it is to use a laptop to connect to the wifi and then share that connection over the laptop LAN to the squeezebox.

2011-05-17, 03:32
You need a web browser to see and respond to such web pages, SB players have no web browser.

2011-05-17, 21:56
Spoofing the Squeezeboxes MAC address with a laptop should work fine to acknowledge the terms and conditions page. It's a PITA to do though as MAC spoofing usually requires a registry change and a reboot. Then you need to change it back and reboot again so the two devices aren't powered on at the same time with the same MAC address.