View Full Version : Jazzradio.com Premium

2011-05-14, 16:31
I have just discovered Jazzradio.com this evening.

They seem to have quite a collection of different Jazz gendres covered.

I was wondering if any one with a squeezebox product has subscribed to their Premium service for for $4.95 a month.

They say you get access to better audio quality with their premium service.

2011-05-15, 02:30
Wouldn't that require an App or Plug-in fopr authentication?


2011-05-15, 03:04
I do subscribe to JazzRadio.com and it is a very good variety of many jazz stations. The bitrate stream is 192kbps. There is no app for it ( which would be nice and more convenient for accessibility). To get the premium I had to copy and paste each premium URL ( there is a choice for the premium URL) and paste each URL into my favorites list. I them made a playlist out of all the URLs to make access easier (on sbs). I guess you could use msb.com and make a favorites file folder for it also. I think it's a very good jazz station. I believe it has some sort of alliance with Sky.fm.