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2011-05-12, 04:21
Ok, since there doesn't seem any progress with this on it's own, let's add some motivation:

1. I'm willing to award and iPad 2, (your choice of 32GB, WiFi only or 16GB with 3G) including a smart cover in a color of your choice.
2. It goes to the first one who releases a working Squeezebox Server plugin for SBS 7.5+ (better: 7.6+) that works on at least Ubuntu Linux and is able to play a given YouTube video (provided as a YouTube URL) on a Squeezebox through SBS. Audio only, of course. Any Squeezebox preferred but I can accept if it only works on SB Touch, Radio(Touch alone is not enough). It needs to be at least remote controllable through SBS/SqueezePlay (that is: it has to work with iPeng ;) ) so an Applet will not be enough but it may rely on an applet.

Interested, anyone?

2011-05-12, 06:36
This is a great idea... I wish I could cut code. Good luck to the contestants.

2011-05-16, 06:55
Could someone do the same for BBC iPlayer as well?

2011-05-16, 07:07
Could someone do the same for BBC iPlayer as well?

Umm.... There IS a plugin for the BBC iPlayer. And an applet. For years.

Or do I get something wrong? Or do you talk about the TV program?

And of course it's up to you to spend an award for that, too, isn't it ;)

2011-05-16, 10:52
Could someone do the same for BBC iPlayer as well?

BBC iPlayer audio is already supported by the BBCiPlayer plugin and BBCRadio applet. BBC iPlayer video (TV) is not supportable as the BBC have a feature enabled on this which validates that the client is adobe flash. Whilst there are solutions on the internet for doing this they do not use public Adobe specs and infringe the public Adobe license for these specs. Hence I can't implement this.

So in summary - BBC iPlayer radio streams are possible, but not TV is not.

2011-05-23, 16:00
Now this went actually much much faster then I expected it to go :)
Did I mention I always think I should have done this earlier?

OK, here we go....


And the winner is.... Triode!

His plugin is so cool, it definitely opens up so much more music to my Squeezebox. OK, YouTube may not be for "serious" listening, but face it: there is just EVERYTHING out there.
Just today, I - again - heard some obscure song on the radio which I really find and which I never actually could get hold of - not through Amazon, iTunes, Napster or Spotify which are the sources I usually try (OK, maybe it's due to the band name which translates into English somewhat like "The dead crack-whores in the trunk"). Know what, this time I found it and guess where :)

So, let's get to the important point:
Triode really earned himself the iPad.

Now the only questions left (to Triode) are:
- Which iPad do you want, 32GB WiFi or 16GB 3G?
- Which choice of SmartCover do you want?
(and to myself)
- Where the hell do I get an Apple power adapter clip for the UK from...

Thanks for doing this, it's a great plugin and I believe it will seriously enrich the Squeezebox Universe. Let's hope YouTube now keeps their links as they are...

2011-05-23, 16:57
Normally, I use the + (plus) sign to open another tab. I normally spend less than a few minutes a week on "ube."

Of course, this might be really clever on oid or ple.

Previous terms "ube," "oid" and "ple" are designated under GPL and are intended to represent the words you tube, android, and apple respectively.