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Michael Haan
2004-09-24, 11:49
Thanks for the response.  So, here's what happens when I do that.  A window pops up asking if I want to accept the server credentials (or something like that).  I click yes and then it tells me that the connections has failed.  Now, I've only got port 22 open, not 9000 or that 34xx or whatever port - is that a problem?

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>Subject: [slim] Softsqueeze help

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>Michael Haan wrote:


>>Can someone provide me with the 30 second overview of how to use

>>softsqueeze and ssh to listen to my music from outside of my home

>>network.  I've already enabled ssh and ssh to my server from

>>outside.  Do I need to open ports other than 22 for softsqueeze to

>>work in this way?



>Don't know if I can stretch it out to 30 seconds...


>Install the Java runtime on your outside machine.

>Download and unpack SoftSqueeze.

>If Windows, double-click SoftSqueeze.jar.  (if not, open a shell and

>type 'java -jar SoftSqueeze.jar' after changing to the directory

>where SoftSqueeze was unpacked)

>Fill in the host at the top of the preferences panel.

>Check the box for "Use SSH Tunnel".

>Put in your username.

>Put in your password.

>If you trust it to be safe on your machine, chack 'Save Password'

>Optionally, tell SoftSqueeze where your SSH Private Key is.  If you

>don't know what this is, don't worry.

>Click OK.

>Start listening to tunes.



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