View Full Version : UK Stock?

2011-05-11, 02:45
In addition to the question about Boom stock, what's going on?

The screen on my controller has broken, purchased through amazon, they've said they'll refund as they have no stock of the Duet.

Curry's and PCworld have the boom for 70 and the Duet for 120 so figured great, can buy both with the money but they have no stock. I guess people buying them up to sell on ebay? But it seems that most places are out of stock of both the boom and the duet? What's going on? major shortage? end of line for both items?

Obviously there are places selling the duet, but I'm just wondering what's going on with product lines.

2011-05-11, 04:53
Nobody knows (except perhaps Logitech, and they ain't tellin'). So all answers will be based on speculation and, at best, semi-educated guesses.

2011-05-11, 06:14
Fair enough, just wondering if I'd missed something, and/or supply issue's were worldwide or limited to the UK.

Perhaps a duet mk2 and boom mk2 are due soon...

2011-05-11, 06:38
I hope they don't waste their time on a Duet MKII. The Touch is better than the Receiver in all respects (except size and price, but IMO that's not nearly enough to weigh up for all the other limitations), and the Controller isn't all that great when you compare it to all the other options, for example Droid+SC.

A Boom MKII I do hope for, very much.

But only time will be willing to tell.