View Full Version : last.fm loved tracks

2011-05-11, 01:19
I use last.fm from a browser on my laptop at work and add tracks that I like as loved tracks.

I also have quite a large library of music on my whs server at home running squeezebox server that I play through my ipad/iphone (ipeng) and squeezebox receiver.

What I would like to do is create a playlist of my loved tracks in squeezbox server but only the ones I actually have locally (hope that makes sense).

I can export loved tracks from last.fm in a xspf format (xml) which is supported my squeezebox server but I don't see how this will "know" where my local files are on the server (and indeed it doesn't).

I guess I need something that will parse the xspf file and create a playlist for squeezebox based on matches.

Ideally I would love something that keeps these two in sync automatically but I'll settle for a manual process.

Any ideas?