View Full Version : Will a SBT play Broadcast Wave Files?

2011-05-07, 17:51
I am interested in acquiring a Tascam HD-P2 which records in .bwf file format.

If not, is there any kind of utility to convert them to flac? (88.2 kHz, most likely.)

Thanks in advance for any help,

Henry Aguado

2011-05-09, 10:34
According to Wikipedia's BWF article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broadcast_Wave_Format):

WAV compatibility

Since the only difference between a BWF and a "normal" WAV is the extended information in the file header (Bext-Chunk, Coding-History, etc...), a BWF does not require a special player for playback.
So, the Touch should technically have no problem reading them.
Not sure the scanner would consider files having a .bwf extension as WAVs, though.
It may be necessary to rename them with a .wav extension.

2011-05-09, 13:28
I'll probably use Audacity to split the raw file (each lp side) into separate tracks. Presumably, I can name them with a .wav extension.

Thanks again sebp,
Henry Aguado