View Full Version : Fast playback (Chipmunks style) from Squeezesoft but

2004-09-24, 03:50
I have SlimServer 5.3, no Squeezebox & before I got SoftSqueeze (yesterday) I had similar problems ... with very fast (chipmunk) or very SLOW playback on some MP3s. I was using Winamp. Now I'm trying SoftSqueeze and/or Winamp (still trying to get a reliable stream with SOMEthing -- I'm a newbie). The problem is still the same.

As far as this topic, I can say I've had the same probs with or without SoftSqueeze, so I don't think the bug is due to it.
Also, all my music plays perfectly in Winamp, Irfanview, MediaPlayer, etc. so I think the problem must be with SlimServer.
Also, on the slightly more positive side, it seems that while you, the streamer may hear wrong speeds played, the streamee may be hearing everything normally. That was my experience when streaming for several hours to a friend giving me reports.
One other thing the streamer can try: if attacked by the chipmunk, just click Play, or Pause>Play or Stop>Play and this will sometimes force the speed back to normal.

I did my best to analyze my various mp3s & other audio formats I've used to figure out why some always or occasionally play too fast or too slow, & why some play normally (so far). There are widely-varying Sample Rates, Sample Formats & Bit Rates in the mp3s I tried through SlimServer, but unfortunately I could find NO common reason as to why some audio would or would not play properly from SlimServer. [I mean there were Bit Rates between about 32-475kbps & differing Sample Rates as well (usually 22,050-44,100Hz), and mono & stereo.]

Re the Sampling Rate (whether 16-,24- or 32-bit): One of my mp3s that just will NOT play through SlimServer is 128kb, 44,100Hz, Joint Stereo -- exactly like most other common mp3s. Since it always played ultra-slow in Slim, I took it into Audacity, a sound editor, where it was sampled at 32-bit Floating Format, and saved out at 192kb, 44100Hz. No luck... it still plays as slowly as before in Slim.

So, if you're one of those trying to solve this problem, here's my 2 worth of findings:
The improper speed-playback problem must be solely within the SlimServer program, & not due to Squeezebox, SoftSqueeze or any player, & probably not caused by audio files. Might there be some "timing" instructions in the program that are perhaps a little off, or too sensitive? Just a guess. Hope the above may be of some help.