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2011-05-05, 06:45
OK - so I've searched but sometimes there's just too much detail to wade through so I'll risk the flames and post a simple question.

I'm after a cheap (second-hand) tablet to control my SqueezeNet (see sig) since my Controller screen is dying. Preferred screen size 5"-7". There was an Archos 5 8GB that just went for 60 sterling on eBay UK - this is the sort of money I'd hoped to spend but I can stretch a bit more. Looked at O2 Joggler but want battery for portability - over here in Portugal we spend a lot of time outside. I gather I should go for an Archos "internet" tablet rather than a "home" tablet to get a capacitive screen; is this correct? Apart from that I just don't know. Other brand suggestions welcome, but I want a simple install and minimal faffing around.

Question : anything special I need to know about Android models / OS levels; memory requirements; etc. etc. ? Do the reviews that say "sluggish" matter when I'm just running SqueezeCommander? I'm fairly tech-savvy but just not up on tablets / Android / whatever anymore (I'm a child of the 60s and grew up with mainframes & mini-computers - Windows 7 64-bit takes up enough of my time ...). My daughter's iPod / iPad / iPhone / iLife are cool but just too much money for us humble pensioners. iPod Classic is as far as I got :-)

Simpler Version : which cheap tablet to buy for a simple controller?

Thanks / Obrigado / Merci / etc.


2011-05-05, 10:06
The Archos internet tablets are more "tweaky" than a typical i-whatever device but they do work well, look good and are cheap. IMO a good fit for the Squeezebox because it too needs tweaking to get the most out of it :)

I'm using SqueezeCommander on an Archos 101T and it definitely is NOT sluggish. Flatterman has planned a tablet-specific version of SC soon and that should make better use of the larger screens.