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Jules Taplin
2004-09-23, 16:47
Hey Neil.

I suspect it depends on the machine itself. Slimserver can be memory
hungry - so make sure you've got enough memory to deal with that, as well
anything myth needs (bear in mind myth will want a MySQL instance somewhere,
so allow for that, too).

Secondly... mythbackend isn't heavy if it's not encoding, but you could set
it to subsequently transcode all your MPEG-2 files, and that would chew
CPU cycles and disk I/O.

Also - is this box also a mythfrontend for you? If so... then unless you're
running a hardware MPEG2 _decoder_, that'll eat some non-trivial cycles,
particularly if your video card isn't anything to write home about.

However... if you're talking about a modern machine, rather than a bunch of
old stuff, then it'll probably be fine.

Personally - I've got most of this stuff split out. A single server runs
slimserver, and holds the mp3 archive. A second 'media' server stores video
(some of it comes from myth itself, but the bulk of it is automatically
transferred off a TiVo, and recompressed for later viewing).

Finally, a combined myth frontend and backend sits by the telly, and
consumes both of the above. Nice and clean, although both of the storage
servers take up a fair amount of space in the server room ;). And... I just
reused old PC's, rather than needing to go buy new ones ;)

-- Jules

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>> Does anyone run Slimserver on the same box as MythTV?
>> I'm in the process of ripping all my cd's (this may take a while to do
>> all
>> 660+) and want to put together a dedicated MythTV (http://www.mythtv.org)
>> backend and slimserver box. Any reason why this might not wok out?
>> I wouldn't expect MythTV to hog the processor as it won't be doing any
>> actually video encoding, just streaming MPEG-2 to and from disk