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Mark Lanctot
2004-09-23, 09:11
Thanks for your responses. Extra comments below.

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Subject: [slim] Minor items with SlimServer

> Mark Lanctot wrote:


> > 2. When rescanning the music library through the
> > Server Settings page, I
> > get the following message above the options lines:
> >
> > "The server is now rescanning your Music Library."
> >
> > This message does not go away even when it's
> > the rescanning has
> > stopped. This makes it a little hard to tell if
> > rescanning has actually
> > been completed. Is this normal behavior?
> Does it go away when you refresh the browser? HTTP
is a very awkward
> protocal to use as a local GUI (no server initiated
actions), on the
> other hand you could use the same interface from the
other end of the
> world...

Actually I'm taken back to the main screen when I
refresh from this point.
Works for me!

> > 3. When I first open SlimServer, I get a browser
> > window but it always has
> > an HTTP 500 internal server error in it. I don't
> > think this is a problem as
> > I can just open another browser window and point
it to
> > "localhost:9000".
> > What's supposed to be in this initial browser
> Almost the same as at localhost:9000. Have you tired
to refresh? If no
> toolbar F5 or CRTL+R should also work.

Nope, this still will not show anything but an HTTP
500 error. As long as
I'm not missing anything, no problem.

Thank you.