View Full Version : Fubar IV DAC...Sound via USB? How?

2011-04-30, 00:41

This is not directly a squeezebox question but I wonder if anyone can help? Just got the nice Fubar IV DAC/headphone amp but on my main PC having trouble. I am trying to listen to music via usb from a new computer running windows 7 and get no sound. Everything is ok from my laptop so I know the Fubar DAC/headphone amp is working fine.

When I connect it, it appears under windows sound devices and the virtual volume indicator is moving (under sound settings). Makes no difference if I unplug the audio out via analogue headphone sockets. I have tried all the other USB ports. The option to make the USB sound as default is greyed out. When music is playing in the system tray is reports "playing via USB device" but no sound. Volume and connections are all fine.

As I said when I plug into a laptop with windows7 everything is great.

any ideas? I'll check in the bios to see if anything is amiss.



2011-05-02, 02:41
no luck so far, was thinking of deleting and reinstalling all the USB drivers?