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2004-09-23, 07:46
>>>> daryle (AT) micralyne (DOT) com 9/23/2004 10:05:12 AM >>>
>kdf wrote:
>> Quoting Neil Cameron <ncameron (AT) msn (DOT) com>:
>>>(2) My iTunes playlists say Empty Folder, although when I press Play
>>>still work, so they're not 'missing'. However, is this the same
issue as
>>>the 'Missing Playlist' that kdf says 'slipped through' 5.3.0?
>> most likely. the patch is in now, so the nightlies should clear it
>Just an observation: Isn't this just this sort of thing that
>was discussed several weeks ago? I.E. perhaps it's not a
>good idea to get a large portion of the user base on
>various nightlies for different bug fixes. IMHO slimdevices
>should back port any of these fixes into 5.3.x releases at
>a reasonable frequency dictated by the number and severity of
>the bugs. In the mean time the nightlies can keep on trucking
>towards 5.4 with new features and bug fixes. In other words
>the advice for most bug fixes should not generally be "grab
>the latest nightly" but rather "wait a few days/weeks and
>then install 5.3.1".
>Daryle A. Tilroe

I like running nightlies, but it would be nice to have a "latest
with confirmed bug fixes. Maybe a weekly or something?