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2011-04-28, 11:52

Just got my second radio today and was annoyed to *have* to connect to mysqueezebox.com during setup. I have a local SBS and never ever want to use myb.com.
Has this process now become mandatory? I remember being able to press the back key to bypass this with my first radio.
I notice the same thing was necessary with the new Logitech controller app too. Is it just me or is this not seriously irritating?

2011-04-28, 11:55
Yes, it's seriously irritating.

Drinky Crow
2011-05-12, 15:06
If it's really true that you are required to have a mysqueezebox.com account to set up a new player, I will never buy a Squeezebox again.

(Happy owner of an SB2 and an SB3.)

2011-05-12, 15:10
It's not the same company as the one that developed the SB2 and SB3. They don't take the same approach, don't have the same priorities.

You're not missing anything.