View Full Version : Need part # for 30-pin connector part inside transporter on front panel pcb

2011-04-26, 21:15

I've had a problem with a modification to my Transporter where an upgraded transformer came loose in shipping and broke one of the 30 pin connectors on the front PCB behind the display and damaged the ribbon cable. I was able to get new 8" ribbon cables from Molex as part of a sample request, but the connectors I have ordered are the wrong ones and these parts are apparently very hard to locate. I'm pretty sure the pitch is 0.5mm, but this new connector (Molex part # 52559-3052) isn't seating properly in place of the old one. So if anyone can tell me the proper part # for the 30 pin SMD connector on the front PCB (which is also the same one as on the main PCB board) I'd be forever grateful.

Thanks so much -

View image here: http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/7499/dsc01377pv.jpg

2013-11-08, 05:03
Dear Friend , did you find the rpart number??? I have a similiar problem and need to replace the FFC connector. Kindly let me know your experience and the part number and it's source.. Thanks..Alopa