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Richard Scales
2004-09-22, 22:24
I have 2 x Slimp3 and 1 x SB (wireless) - I have had the graphics upgrade
sat on the shelf for some time and with the advent of the new release I
decided to do it all.

5.3.0 downloaded and upgraded (from last 'release' 5.2.1) and working fine,
firmware upgrade on SBG, all fine. Changed display module - all fine - nice

I decided to have a look around the SHoutcast stations as previously, after
choosing about 4 or 5 different streams the player would lose contact with
the server, after waiting about 5 mins (just in case it was a 'dropout' I
decided to restart the service - all fine again.

This is behaviour that I have seen with all releases (official - not
nightlies) since SHoutcast was included.

Is this what I should expect or is the SHoutcast generally considered to be
rock solid ?

What tests could I perform next ?

Kind regards

Richard Scales

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From: dean blackketter [mailto:dean (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com]
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Subject: [slim] SlimServer 5.3.0 has been released.

After a long beta period, SlimServer Version 5.3.0 has been released.

You can download it here:


There are a huge number of fixes and improvements in this version,

- Major firmware upgrade focused on stability and performance;
- Support for a variety of proportional fonts and animation for the new
graphic display;
- A wide variety of improvements to the web and player user interface;
- Built-in RadioIO Internet Radio., you can see the detailed release
notes on that page.

Thanks to everybody who contributed feedback and fixes for this release!


The Slim Devices SlimServer Team