View Full Version : Wireless SB2 as bridge, wired to, a Touch ?

Deaf Cat
2011-04-22, 12:53
Would this work?

Cheers for any thoughts :-)

2011-04-23, 20:23
I've used a Slingbox and Sonos player simultaneously wired to an SB2 as a bridge, and that worked fine, so I don't see why a Touch wouldn't work.

Other than for testing side by side, or if you are going to run your ethernet between rooms or across a wall, I find it hard to imagine a scenario where this would be useful though.

Deaf Cat
2011-04-24, 00:31
We seem to have a sudden influx of networks locally and so anything too far from my router drops audio wise, quite often.

The squeezebox may go in the kitchen, closer to the router, and wired to the touch in the lounge which is further away.

Cheers for your reply I will give it a try when I have a few mins :-)

Deaf Cat
2011-04-24, 14:29
Cheers, tried it and seems to be working fine :-)