View Full Version : Squeezepad Flashing boxes

2011-04-22, 11:10
I purchased Squeezeppad for my iPad but when I open the app getting a constant flashing yellow box taking up half the screen. Occasionally the box is red. It makes it impossible to use the app. Does anybody know how to fix that or to get my money back?

2011-04-22, 11:22

can you check your server log if there are any errors?
Typically the flashing box is there, when the server throws an error (then disconnects SqueezePad) and SqueezePad instantly tries to reconnect (but fails again).
Did you try to restart your server already?

You can get into contact with me via support(at)squeezepad.com.
Messages to this address arrive on my mobile - so you might get much faster support than here :)