View Full Version : Use iTunes radio button?

2004-09-22, 13:47
Since upgrading to 5.3.0, I can't seem to get my library setup right.
This is how I had it setup and working fine in 5.2.1:

Use iTunes -> YES
Music Library -> Blank
Saved Playlists Folder -> /home/playlists

iTunes settings:
iTunes Reload -> 60
Specify iTunes Library Locations -> YES
iTunes XML location -> /raid0/mp3/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml
iTunes Music Folder -> /raid0/mp3

I installed 5.3.0 & removed the .slimserver.conf file to create it from
scratch with the new server. First thing I notice, is that
I can't find 'Use iTunes". Did it get removed? I think that is the
root of my issues because if I set everything up like above,
I get 0 files found in my library. If I actually put in the Music
Library path AND the iTunes Music Folder path (same location),
it will find my music but the server does a rescan every few mins &
renders the server unusable.

Any tips/clues/advice?

Running server on Debian Linux with the raid drive exported via samba
and my G4 is storing all iTunes information on the
raid drive.