View Full Version : Help! CPU Usage, SlimServer Won't Start!!!

Gregory H. Gilbert
2004-09-22, 11:24

I don't know if this will help, but I sort of get the same problem and
let me just make sure it is the same thing. After you download and install
the program and then double click the slimserver icon it goes to the
starting up slimserver and then doesn't do anything...

Here's what I did to get past it. 1st make sure that your squeezebox is
turned on, I think that it is looking for it and this took me a long time to
figure out. Then you need to configure the squeezebox which is pretty
easy. Next make sure you hold down the brightness button because odds are
the firmware has to be updated. Then it should be all set to go. It will
find songs as time passes, but it should all be connected. Hopefully this
helps and was the problem you were having.