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2011-04-18, 16:47
Just had an interesting discussion with someone from Sweden, and learned that when sorting albums, the is treated as an Y in the sort-order.
This is different from Germany, where an will be ordered among the Ue.

Also an in Sweden will be behind the Z, unlike in Germany where it belongs to the A.

Now the SqueezeboxServer seems to do it right (we are talking about 7.5.x right now) - I guess based on the Locale.
Is this done, because the database already uses correct sort order - or do you have any special code in the server that handles these differences in the Locales?

2011-04-18, 18:18
To turn it around, will show up behind "Z" in Germany...
Looks like the sorting only works correct for accented characters that match your locale.

2011-04-18, 20:35
....Z in Sweden

2011-04-18, 21:27
This should all be taken care of in 7.6 by the ICU support in SQLite.

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