View Full Version : Display more than 500 albums in Album view?

2011-04-16, 15:15
In the web interface,is there a way to display more than 500 albums on a page? Seems like there would be a setting for this, but I can't find one. Thanks!

2011-04-16, 15:51
Well, as you probably know there is a slider bar in Settings > Interface, but it maxes out at 500. You could try editing the server.prefs file (be sure to stop SBS first) and set it to a higher number, but there's no guarantee you won't bork something by setting it to a value higher than the max allowed by the gui.

2011-04-16, 21:05
Strange. I just found a bug (or something) in how the settings page works. If you type in a number and quickly hit 'Enter' the number is set to that value even though the display never shows a value greater than 500 or less than 10.

2011-04-17, 10:22
This worked for me also! I typed in 600, hit enter, and now all 582 albums are displayed on one page. Problem solved. Thanks!