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2011-04-12, 07:20
I have a Radio attached via wireless and a Touch attached via Ethernet to a Synology NAS running the squeezebox package.
My music is separated into two folders- MP3's and FLAC.
I have about 30GB files in the MP3 Folder and 15GB files in the FLAC (ie the flac has much fewer albums). As you can guess, I am transitioning from MP3 to FLAC. However, it is bothering me that i am not even 20% into the process and yet both units have already slowed down in accessing the music folder and navigating through the music and playing the songs. The slowdown is noticeable and everything is now taking few seconds longer. Is this going to get worse over time as i keep adding FLAC files? Thats going to be a real disappointment.

Also, I experimented with making the "mother" folder (MP3+FLAC) the default NAS folder for music. That was a complete disaster. Navigation took forever. And there was even frequent buffering on the ethernet connected Touch. and the album art pictures would never show up. (they showed up when the songs played though). However, when i reverted back to the flac only folder, I started seeing album art again and of course navigation was faster. Nevertheless, navigation has slowed down since i have been adding flac files. Honestly 15gb is nothing when it comes to music stored on Flac files.

I am running squeezecenter off a Synology NAS 110j.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

2011-04-12, 07:45
are you browsing your files via artist, album, etc. or are you using music folder to browse. SbS is really designed to use tags and "album, artist, etc.) rather than folder browsing. Not sure if that is your issue. And the browsing slowness shouldn't really be related to FLAC vs mp3 file type.

Not familiar with your NAS, but many NAS units simply don't have the horsepower to run SbS properly (and this mostly shows up in the browsing, selecting music, etc. rather than in the playing of songs).

Do yourself a favor. Run SbS on a real PC or a powerful NAS (x86). I recommend a vortexbox appliance, or any old PC running vortexbox system. If you want small, you could try a squeezeplug or fitpc2i. All these can be stuck in the basement or back closet, run headless, and left on 24/7.

2011-04-12, 08:31
A Synology NAS 110j is 800 MHz CPU but only 128 MB so limited space for handling data.

No personal experience with SBS on a NAS but I would say shutdown all not needed services on the NAS; and have a look in the Synology forum... well and here.

You could hang on and wait for 7.6 around June/July; it should provide some relief for NAS users.

2011-04-13, 09:54
Hmm..it might be a memory problem..which in turn might have something to do with Synology's latest firmware.

I really like their products though, so I will consider upgrading to a unit with more RAM before i have to dispose of the touch completely. Like that too.

Thanks for your answers.