View Full Version : SB Touch dropping coneection/slow/unresponsive

2011-04-11, 12:59
This evening my SB Touch has kept stopping on streams and losing all my menu items. Sometimes it will just stop and then I can reload the stream, other times it stops and goes straight to a bare bones menu screen of Internet Radio and Settings. It also seems very slow at responding to selections with the spinning cursor hanging around for up to 30 seconds. At one stage it showed the 'connecting to myaqueezebox' spinning cursor.

At first I wondered if it might be interference to my wireless signal (I don't use ethernet as the router/computer and SB Touch are at opposite ends of the house). So I checked the wireless signal and it's showing between 68-75% which seems good enough.

I've also checked the server log on Squeezebox server but nothing untoward on there at all.

So could this be a problem with mysqueezebox.com? As I type I've had it on DR P6 Beat's stream for the last 11 minutes or so. However, I'm trying to select another station on my favourites and I'm just getting the spinning cursor, it isn't selecting the next stream. The current stream continues to play though. I've just given up after 3 minutes of the spinning cursor.

It's all very odd and very frustrating. It occasionally plays up like this for a while and then works flawlessly for days before it happens again.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Regards, Nick

Edit: DR P6 Beat stream has just stopped after about 17 minutes.

2011-04-11, 13:39
OK, I have had the SB Touch unplugged for about 25 minutes. I've just plugged it back in and it seems MUCH better: fast & responsive when changing menus and streams, and hopefully it'll stay connected.

Did it just need a rest & restart?

2011-04-11, 19:47
Did it just need a rest & restart?
Could be. Especially the restart. No matter how sophisticated our devices get, it still seems that turning them and on again will fix a high percentage of problems!