View Full Version : Playback "hiccups" on Touch?

2011-04-10, 14:12
Has anybody else noticed playback "hiccups" or small stuttering in playback of FLAC and MP3 files on the most 7.6 versions on the Touch using a connected HDD via TinySB? It's very audible... not something that only an audiophile would hear. It reminds me of those good old days of dust on my vinyl LPs, only its not a dust pop, but a snippet of silence.

The behavior is like a small pause of far less than a second in the music. The passages aren't skipped... there is just silence inserted in very small increments in the music. Usually when it occurs, it will occur several times over a span of about 15 seconds.

The behavior seems especially likely at the start or end of tracks.

I have reverted to 7.6.0 r31915 and these problems seem to have disappeared... although I'll have to listen over the next few days to make sure.

I have not updated to the most recent version (forgot the number... but the one released in the past few days since today, 9 April 2011), and had been running the version released about a week earlier.

About 95% of my listening time is from tracks stored on the HDD attached to the Touch, not from my computer. I have not noticed this behavior when listening to Internet radio streams.

Sorry not to know whether the most recent build has fixed this: after the past builds exhibited this behavior, I just wanted to go back to a build that seemed more stable.