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2011-04-10, 13:05
I had been using SqueezeServer 7.5.4 which used firmware 133. I had recently switched to 7.6.0 which used firmware 135. This morning I updated SS 7.6.0 to the latest nightly r32268 which updated the firmware to 136. Just out of curiosity is there somewhere that explains what has changed from revision to revision?



2011-04-10, 13:54
Not telling what have change specifically for SB2/3, but from a checkin comment:

ip3k Firmware SB3 136, TR 86, SBR 71, SBB 56

- Fixed DNS client handling when server returns multiple A records for MySB.
- Changed MySB production hostname to ip3k.squeezenetwork.com.
- Includes changes from 7.5 ver 132 and 133, listed below:

- Bug 16898 - Changed keepalive timeout value to 50 seconds for both SBS and MySB.
- Bug 16760 - Doubled size of S/PDIF fifo from 512 bytes to 1K, appears to solve audio popping issues when playing
24/96 content with scrolling and visualizer.

In general you can see checkins here


However it is not always clear which branch the checkin is performed on

On a higher level you can find the changelogs http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Nightly_Builds

2011-04-10, 17:23

Thank you very much for the links!