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2011-04-08, 13:12
My venerable Squeezebox 2 is starting to die on me, and may have already done so. I see nothing on the screen (and have tried changing the brightness). Is there an easy way to tell if it's the screen at fault or if the whole box is dead?

I recall when I bought the SB2 some years ago that I had a screen problem and was instructed to fiddle with the VFD to bring it back to life. I wonder if that could work again.

Any ideas of things to try (I see there are buttons to hold on boot which might do something) will be gratefully received. I can't really afford an upgrade to the newer models; I love the SB Radio in my kitchen but can't justify buying something new with digital out. (Heck, I've just realised: no SB2 means no listening to my 5.1 rips! I'll have to start digging out DVDs...)


2011-04-08, 22:13
How dead is the SB2? If you bring up the webUI to your SBS can you see the player?

2011-04-09, 11:47
How dead is the SB2? If you bring up the webUI to your SBS can you see the player?

Good question! Nothing through the web, so pretty dead I guess. My plan is now this:

1. Try to find another 5V power supply in the house (will any 5V power supply do, or are there other factors I must take into account?).
2. If I can't find one, or if I do find one and it works, buy a replacement power supply -- I've seen them on ebay for not much.
3. Buy a replacement SB2 (or SB3 if I must). Again, ebay I think.
(4. Sell my own power supply if it turns out to still be okay!)

I was celebrating the arrival of a battery for my SB Radio yesterday, in time for barbecue season, and carried the Radio around the house only to encounter the dead SB2! From a high to a low, just like that.

2011-04-09, 12:30
1. Try to find another 5V power supply in the house (will any 5V power supply do, or are there other factors I must take into account?).

The power supply should be 2 amps, with center positive polarity. And the connector for the SB2 should be 5.5mm outer diameter and 2.5mm inner diameter. In some places that last dimension is the most difficult to satisfy.

2011-04-09, 14:19
Before you get a new psu power it up in a dark room to see if the heater wires in the vfd are glowing. This will tell you power is getting to the unit. Next try taking out the wifi card as a faulty one can make the squeezebox appear to be dead.

2011-04-10, 10:06
Good point. If power is getting to the unit you should also see a reddish glow in the back from one of the digital outputs.

2011-04-10, 12:02
Okay, thanks, good suggestions! Would a faulty wifi board make the box appear invisible to the server too? (It's connected by ethernet.)

2011-04-11, 07:47
I would think ethernet is seperate from wifi. Sounds like power.

2011-04-11, 09:00
At least with SB3's, there have been many cases of a bad wifi card, which keeps the unit from functioning at all - removing the wifi card often allows the unit to function correctly (albiet without wifi capability).

2011-04-11, 09:37
I will remove the wifi board tonight. Cheers.

2011-04-11, 12:31
Wifi board removed, the unit still pines for the fjords. I can see no illumination anywhere, so it's not looking good. Since I can't find another power supply in the house that's 5V (let alone fitting the other requirements aubuti was kind enough to give) my next step is ebay for a new plug.

Thanks everybody for your help. I shall post back if I'm able to get it going without buying an entire replacement!

2011-04-11, 13:09
What country are you in? Because if you want to get a new power supply there are some places where you can have more certainty of selection/specs than eBay. People have recently posted links that should be easy to dredge up for you. A basic switching supply (like the original) should be available for less than $20, so any potential savings from going the eBay route are likely to be small.

EDIT: Like this one, if you're in the US. I've been using one of these on one of my SB2s for a few years now. http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&pa=689864&productId=689864

2011-04-11, 13:16
I'm in the UK. There's one here on an ebay store for about 9 delivered:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5V-Logitech-Squeezebox-2-replacement-power-supply-/190521235834?pt=UK_ConsumerElectronics_PowerAdapto rs_SM&hash=item2c5bf3597a

That's comparable to the $15 in your link. Thankyou for the advice though -- I had no idea how much I'd be spending on a power supply, so you've given me a ball park I can work with!

2011-04-11, 13:27
Sure, that one looks fine. When it's even marketed as a power supply for a SB2 then it's a pretty good bet it will be the right specs.

2011-04-11, 13:42
Right, I've bought it. I have my fingers crossed that it will bring my precious SB2 back to life! It's had a good run if not. Thanks again.

2011-04-15, 03:03
New power supply arrived this morning. After plugging it in, there followed a few seconds of disappointment while nothing happened, followed in turn by the Logitech logo and everything being hunky-dory.

Thanks again everybody! I have a working SB2 again, and for less than a tenner too.

2011-04-15, 04:19
Kudos for persistance, and for checking out the alternatives to adding to the landfills.

2011-04-15, 15:42
That's great news and a great end to the week.

2011-04-15, 16:06
great, maybe late in the game ( but people search old treads) is it no that it is always some ligth comming out of the Toslink with never fw ? My SB3 Behaves like that.