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Tore Johnsson
2004-09-22, 02:20
I donīt know what you mean by command prompt and how to do that.

I went to DOS window and got this result

"Canīt load plugins:: Live365API for Plugins menu: Undefined subroutine
Live365API:: getDisplay called at /PerlApp/Slim/Buttons/Plugins.pm line,
<DATA> 1."

As you can see the Live365 did not load.

I tried earlier to get Live365 in so I have Live365.pm in plugins. This
didnīt function.

I am now going to remove the installation and reinstall it again to see what
Kind Regards

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Ämne: [slim] Reg Live365 and 5.30

Quoting Tore Johnsson <tore (AT) torejohnsson (DOT) se>:

> Iīve just updated from 5.2.1 to 5.30.
> A question: I did not remove the old 5.2.1. Instead I just updated with
> 5.30 exefile.
> Is this right thing to do ?

It is. It shoudl upgrade right over top. If not, then this would be cause
a bug report.

> I am also searching for how to get Live365. I see Live365 in the server
> I donīt know how to start it in SB Box.
> Is it similar to Shoutcast which is seen I SB box.

its similar, but not. Shoutcast comes with the server, thus all modules
that it
requires are present. Live365 still remains a third party plugin and might
require more Perl components. It is likely this reason that is causing you
to see it in the plugins list on your suqeezebox. You need to run:

c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe --d_plugins

from a Command Prompt in order to see any messages regarding the success or
failure to load Live365.