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2011-04-03, 12:21

When I switch source from mysqueezebox.com to SqueezeCentre, and vice versa, my SB display turns black and then asks me to begin firmware upgrade.

SB Model: Classic
SqueezeCenter version: 7.5.1 (says 7.5.3 is available for download)

SqueezeCenter reports that my SB has firmware version 130 or 133 depending on whether I check before or after beginning fw upgrade.

Half a year ago I could switch source without this problem.

Any help appreciated.


2011-04-03, 13:17
Thats because mysb runs at 7.5.4 and that version needs another firmware in the players. So when you switch to mysb it upgrades the players firmware to 133 and when you switch back to SBS it downgrades the players to firmware 130.

Its been like this always. If you want to avoid this then upgrade SBS to 7.5.4.

2011-04-03, 13:50
How can I see what version mysb runs at?

2011-04-03, 15:53
mysb.co usually runs the same version as the latest officially released version of SBS. At present there is an exceptional case where SBS is still at 7.5.3 and MySB is at 7.5.4. That is why you need to go to 7.5.4, as recommended by Kuben72, to avoid the firmware upgrade/downgrade when you switch music sources. SBS 7.5.4 is still officially beta, but it's very stable and well worth the update if you're annoyed by firmware switching.

2011-04-04, 01:56
Very annoying situation...
I switch frequently mysbs -> sbs and viceversa on my boom (I turn off my pc server) and every switch there is a firmware upgrade/downgrade.

Which is the reason to update mysbs before sbs?

2011-04-04, 03:49
Which is the reason to update mysbs before sbs?
I used to know, but since updating my SBS to 7.5.4 I've forgotten, because it's no longer an issue. My vague recollection is that they fixed the bug that was causing connectivity problems, so they wanted to get it out fast (because a lot people were complaining about _that_). But there are still some SBS-specific bugfixes that are still being finalized.

2011-04-04, 05:06
There was a sticky on here last week from Mickey on this very subject, so there will be a thread on it.


2011-04-10, 10:13
Am I right that 7.5.4 hasn't been released yet?

I find the necessary firmware updates on every source toggle extremely annoying.

2011-04-10, 10:28
You are correct that 7.5.4 has not been released yet. So for the time being the options remain the same (listed in my personal order of preference, YMMV):

a) update your SBS to 7.5.4 (beta), or
b) don't switch between SBS and mysb.com, or
c) continue to be annoyed.

2011-04-10, 11:03
You would think someone at Logitech would have gotten sick of all the customer complaints over the Squeezebox's asinine firmware update system after all of these years. I can't believe someone in support hasn't thrown a brick at anyone in development for all of the headaches it's caused.

2011-04-11, 06:11
I've always found FW updates to be flawless, and very well implemented. A simple update of the squeezebox software follwed by a brightness button. Surely infinitely simpler that some of the alternatives - browsing to a URL, entering TFTP mode, FTPing a firmware etc.

I think it's an excellent system as it stands! YMMV.


PS I *never* user mysqueezebox.com, I always use a local server, so perhaps that's the differentiator.