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2011-04-03, 08:35

Have an older squeezebox and slimserver on a desktop mac that is wired to living room speakers..

Have had it for a couple of years but feel i am not using it to its fullest..

One difficulty i have always had is setting up the music library...music is in itunes but actually we have a shared library with 2 different itunes set up under different users with the complete library under a shared folder..

So i get confused about whether to use itunes under slimserver or just point to the shared folder..

Any suggestions to the above and any guidance to a document that is better for a non-tech re general set up?


2011-04-03, 10:55
I would just point the SqueezeBoxServer (formerly known as SqueezeCenter/SlimServer) to the shared folder and avoid the iTunes option within SBS.

Here's the SBS install guide for Macs:

I do not have a Mac. :-)

2011-04-03, 11:29
i would just point the squeezeboxserver (formerly known as squeezecenter/slimserver) to the shared folder and avoid the itunes option within sbs.

Here's the sbs install guide for macs:

I do not have a mac. :-)