View Full Version : Rhapsody skips only when synced

2011-04-02, 11:03
I have not seen any recent data on this issue, has it been fixed, because it is still happening to me???

I am currently using general release 7.5.1 r9009 on Duet with 2 receivers.
Symptom:Player skips through play list with error
"Audio Stream failed - skipping to next track"
only happens on Rhapsody and only when synced.
I am running on a wired network

Windows Server software:
Version: 7.5.1 - r30836 @ Tue Jun 1 06:02:45 PDT 2010
Server IP Address:
Server HTTP Port Number: 9000
Operating system: Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Platform Architecture: 586
Perl Version: 5.10.0 - MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt
Total Players Recognized: 2

I see a lot of posts and this bug referenced many times:

Ron Olsen
2011-04-02, 18:53
Upgrade to SBS 7.5.2 or 7.5.3 and see if that helps. According to the SBS Changelog, firmware fixes in SBS 7.5.2 addressed Rhapsody issues in bug #16667: http://svn.slimdevices.com/repos/slim/7.5/trunk/server/Changelog7.html

2011-04-07, 12:26

Thanks. I did upgrade and that resolved the issue. I get no skipping now when syncing Rhapsody. I did not know that there was a release above 7.5.1 that was out of beta. Thank you again.