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2011-04-02, 08:09
Hey, sorry for abusing this forum. I just want to say that I am sooo fed up by Squeezebox system. Today my second box broke down by a faulty firmware update. I powered up my Squeezebox Boom, it automatically grabbed a new firmware and did the upgrade. Now it is constantly restarting. I already tried the hard-reset by holding down the + button. I can get to the point to select the language, but straight after that it is rebooting.
I tried to load the old firmware with VolUp button, but it does not change anything.

Before my Squeezebox Classic broke down. It is able to play music for a couple of minutes, but the it reboots automatically. I tried different firmwares and reset everything, but without success. My wife is laughing at me, because I did spend a lot of money into the system and one after another is breaking down.
I have 4 boxes, 2 are unusable.

I get the feeling that the hardware is just crap. Sorry Logitech, I am sooooooooo disappointed..

2011-04-02, 12:24
Very sorry for your difficulties. However, your best bet is to (a) go complain at the official forums (see the sticky for the address), and (b) call Logitech customer support. These are community forums, not official support forums. There may be people here who can help you, but don't assume that Logitech support people will answer here...

Best of luck in resolving the problems.

2011-04-02, 14:26
Try unplugging the Boom for about 20 minutes, try again. Make sure it has a strong WiFi signal on start up (move it closer to router?).
Best I can offer. :(

2011-04-02, 15:28
Thanks a lot guys, thought this was the official forum...

I already tried to plug it off for a long time completely. All I can get is the screen where I have to enter the WLAN password, the first character works if I am veeeery quick.

I can connect throught ethernet, but it does not make any difference. Wrong firmware is on, constantly restarting...

I will give it a try in the official forums. Unfortunately the device is 2 1/2 year old, so no guarantee any more....


2011-04-02, 16:23
Just making sure you saw the message in "announcement" at the top of the page general discussion page. You may need to update your version of Squeezebox Server in order for the firmware updates to complete.

2011-04-03, 03:31
..... Unfortunately the device is 2 1/2 year old, so no guarantee any more....

See if the credit card you used to purchase the Boom has any automatic buyer protection on purchases, many do.
This would give you the equivalent of a 3 year warranty on a 2 year manufacturer warranty. I think the Boom was 2 years, no?