View Full Version : Pleasant surprise

2011-04-02, 03:09
For quite a while I've been on v7.3 of the server software (I think my old version used to be called Squeezecentre?). I've always been a little worried about upgrading - I don't remember a time (previously) where an upgrade wouldn't end up with several hours/days tinkering to get the software running the way I want it. I never found it to be the case that the software would simply "work properly", with all my settings and plugins etc, after upgrade. (Working - or specifically "working properly" - is a little subjective, but hopefully you know what I mean). After very recently playing around with MusicIP, and getting it working (without all that much hassle as it turned out) I decided to go for an upgrade to SBS 7.5 (see sig).

So after a long preamble, all I wanted to really say is that I'm pleasantly surprised. Things seem to be going ok, and SBS is now rescanning my music library (the rescan seems pretty quick, too).

Heh - I never would have thought it. Well done to all the developers who are working on this stuff as it's come on leaps and bounds since I last dared to upgrade...

That's all. No complaints. No problems (yet?) All good. Just "thanks" :)