Neil Davidson
2004-09-21, 03:19
MULTIPLE WIRELESS APPLICATION (802.11g)As you are using MP3, it will stream
direct to the squeezeboxes without being transcended, you might be able to
get away with the standard configuration. Is it possible for you to get them
installed and try it out before purchasing 802.11g brides?

Another thing you might try if you run into bandwidth problems is to set
three boxes and a AP on one channel and the rest, along with a second AP on
a different channel. This should create two distinct WiFi networks,
increasing your total bandwidth ( this is exactly the technique the 108Mbit
equipment uses, they just bind the channels together).

I would doubt an access point would be necessary on each squeezebox, if you
did decide to go that route, then just a simple Ethernet bridge should be

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I have written before and had many helpful replies about setting up a spa /
health club application running multiple Squeezebox units on a wireless
network. The consensus at that time was that I would be better using a
10/100 wired Ethernet LAN as there could be band-with problems with multiple
units streaming together.

All building work has now been completed and the quotes to retrofit the LAN
wiring are rather high but of more concern is the fact that the installation
may cause significant damage to our ceilings and the wiring contractor will
take no responsibility at all for any damage. This is pushing us back
towards a wireless installation.

Today tech support suggested using an 802.11g wireless router with a
wireless access point hardwired to each Non-Wireless Squeezebox. There would
be 5 to 6 squeezeboxes. Hardware cost wise this seems an economic solution.

I have looked at the Xtreme G range from D Link and am thinking about the
DI - 624 Router (108 Mps) and D Link suggest using a G - 820 network adaptor
at each Squeezebox. Tech support had suggested an AP connected to each
squeezebox instead of a Network Adaptor. I am unsure of the pros and cons of
each as I am a real wireless newbie !

The maximum distance between Router and a Squeezebox / AP would be 65 feet
and at most there would be 2 - 3 internal plaster board walls between the
straight line points. All would be working at the same floor level.

We would rip all files to MP3 at 128 Kbps max and intend using Edirol
powered speakers at each location.

Tech support suggested someone out there may have experience of using such a
wireless "g" set up and I would welcome any comments on the functionality or
pros and cons of the system set up we are now considering. It's time to make
our mind up !

Thanks a lot.

Steve Chisholm

Absolutely Spa LLC